Why Work With Us? Glad You Asked.

GlassClub is a monthly subscription service with one mission: to delight glass lovers and empower glass artists. Subscribers will receive your beautiful, one-of-a-kind glass pieces every month. Through our subscription box we hope to constantly introduce people like you to a community of glass enthusiasts. Why? Because we LOVE glassblowing as much as you do. FYI we're specifically wanting glass pieces between 1.25" - 2.5" in diameter, usually this means pendants, marbles, and paperweights. Listed below are a few reasons why partnering with us is the right direction.

Promoting you - and your beautiful work.
Your glass art is the ultimate surprise and delight to GlassClub subscribers each month. It's beautifully packaged and includes a designed insert detailing information about you, your story and where to purchase more of your work. We want you to gain a new fan (customer) with every box! And we make it easy to do so. Here's an example of an info card below:


 You can share as much - or as little - as you want (you'll have final approval of the insert). It's totally up to you! However, the more a customer can connect with your story the more likely they'll want to buy what you're selling.

As we build out the GlassClub Blog, too, you'll have the opportunity to be featured in our Artist Spotlight section where we interview some of our favorite artists.

A consistent revenue channel.
Since we are a subscription-based company, we'll have orders every month for suppliers to fulfill. If you're working on a regional level or small online scale, we can add more distribution to your network. Which means increased sales for you! If you're capable of producing only a couple glass pieces per month that's no problem at all too. We want you to create at your most comfortable level without compromising quality; we'll never overwhelm you. Plus, giving platform to up-and-coming, local glass artists is where our heart is.

Connecting you with your ideal customer.
GlassClub subscribers sign up for one reason and one reason only: for amazing glass art! They're actively looking for their next favorite piece or artist. They're addicted to hashtags like #bestofglass, #glassofIG, #pendantsofIG. The best part? You'll build loyalty with each box. So let us connect you to the perfect audience without the headaches of Facebook/Instagram advertising, user research/testing, and cold calling. It's time to spend less time worrying about the business side of things and more time doing what you really love: blowin' the best glass around.



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