We're excited to share with you the incredible glass artists we partnered with for the November 2018 GlassClub Box (the FIRST ever box)! We take pride in supporting the amazing creatives below. Every piece of glass art featured is truly one-of-a-kind and we can’t wait to introduce their work to our glass lovin' subscribers!

Dan Neff - Näf Glass

📍Duluth, MN - After his first glassblowing class at age 17, Dan Neff decided to dedicate every spare moment to pursue the mastery of glass. As he finished his college degree, he began taking glassblowing classes at the professional level from world-renowned glass artists and sold his glass art at festivals in the summer. Three years later Neff found himself with a successful career as a glass artist, consistently selling pieces, pursing grants and showcasing his work in large galleries. At the same time, an opportunity presented itself for him to open his own public studio and gallery, Lake Superior Art Glass. Here, he teaches classes, gives live demonstrations and sells the glass artwork of over 60 glass artists today.

Mary Cherry - Colorado Blown

📍Austin, TX - Growing up, Mary always enjoyed using her hands creatively with a variety of mediums. It wasn’t until 2008, however, when she worked with glass for the first time, that she instantly fell in love. For five years she lived in southwest Colorado and produced glass art that reflected the shapes and colors of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. This instilled a passion for traveling and nature within her that remains a source of inspiration to this day. Currently, she is furthering her glass education by learning from and working with other glassblowers in a studio in Austin, Texas.

Patrick Termini - Wicked Pissah Glass

Patrick Termini GlassClub November 2018 Box Artist

📍Salem, NH - In 2008 Patrick Termini began hand-making glass art and knotting jewelry. It first started as a hobby, but soon became an obsession for him. Over the years Termini has upgraded his studio, tools, equipment, and even colors to make glass pieces that are truly exceptional. He enjoys exploring new ideas and always tries to bring a unique twist to what’s on trend or overdone in the glassblowing industry. Currently, Patrick flameworks during nights and weekends and is hoping to make it a full-time profession.

Michaela DesRosiers & Dan Kilmer - Creative Flow Glass

Creative Flow Glass GlassClub Box November2018 Artist
📍Fulford Harbour, BC, Canada - Michaela and Dan have been flameworking glass since 2004. Heavily influenced by the patterns seen in nature and the universe, they enjoy utilizing various glassblowing techniques in order to achieve stunning visual effects in their glass art. They aren’t afraid to push artistic boundaries, even mixing pure silver and 24k gold with colored glass to produce an array of iridescent colors. Their motto: “Creating glass art is our lifelong dream and passion that we are blessed to be living.”

Dylan Koszegi - Diligent Glass

Dylan Koszegi GlassClub Box November2018 Artist
📍Grand Rapids, MI - Dylan Koszegi is an up and coming glass artist and owner of the See What You See Art Collective and Gallery. He focuses on perfecting each glassblowing technique, no matter how basic or advance, to take it to the next level. Sculpting and implosion techniques are his favorite choices by far as his artwork often revolves around themes of nature.

James Copcutt - Elvish Mystic Glass

📍Jacksonville, FLAt just 23 years old, James Copcutt already has over four years of glassblowing under his belt. He received his initial training in a Jacksonville-based studio, and has worked with many artists all throughout Florida. He takes pride in being able to do what he loves for a living and appreciates every person that supports his craft day in, day out.

Daniel Bourgeois - Bourgeois Glass

Daniel Bourgeois GlassClub Box November2018 Artist
📍Leominster, MADan Bourgeious always took an interest in being creative and using his imagination, but for a brief period in time he stopped making art. It wasn’t until he visited the Corning Museum of Glass, the most prestigious glass museum in the United States, in New York that his artistic fire was finally reignited. He fell in love all over again: the glass sculptures, the history of glass, and the amazing live glassblowing demos sparked a newfound passion. He knew he wanted to work with glass and was ready to make his dream a reality. After several years he was able to rent a space and sell his glass art, allowing him to buy the equipment for the studio he uses today.